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Call for a monthly schedule on a variety of topics that are free, fun & interesting with author, storyteller & motivational speaker Jeanne Roppolo.
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March 2016
Topic: Listen to Your Instincts
Your intuition is trying to tell you something! Learn to tap into that inner voice.

GAME TIME with Jeanne
Can you beat the competition? Can you score goals for your team?
2nd Wed. of each month. 1-2pm (CST) Register by calling #888 600-2560 or email teltopics@matherlifeways.com
An American Version of Swedish Death Cleaning
An American Version of Swedish Death Cleaning
Using real-life examples & personal photographs, Intentional Living Coach Jeanne Roppolo demonstrates her unique perspective on the gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning.
When you rid yourself of clutter; body, mind & spirit, you allow positive experiences to flow into this vacated space.

Do you have a dream?  Do you need a little positive reinforcement?

Do you yearn to jump out of your comfort zone?  Need to face your fears?

Are you bored with your present situation?  In a rut?  Want to believe? 

Want to open your mind to the possibilities of what could be?

Through my books, artifacts, props and lively audience discussion, I tell the captivating tale of how I, as a traditional young wife and mother, without money or a college degree, was placed onto a strange and unforeseen path.


That long, winding road, with its twists and turns, detours and stops, led me, at age 57, to Antarctica. Discover how that work experience led me to you.


Through the telling of my unconventional story may you see the opportunities and transformative experiences that may be hidden in your everyday life.




 Stops on my journey through life:  Alaska, Antarctica, Australia, China, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands of Hao, Kamaka, Moorea, Tahiti, and Mangareva.

JR Media Group, LLC

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Motivational Speaking Events

Dear Corporate World/ Religious Retreats/ Women’s Groups and Gatherings of all kinds…


Ever hear of the book and movie titled: Eat, Pray, Love? Jeanne’s Motivational Speaking Events are NOT that story. She may have lacked the funds and education but still managed to transform her life beginning at age 56.


This enthusiastic storyteller will entertain, educate, and inspire you with her contagious energy.


Jeanne tailors each of her Motivational Speaking Events for YOUR unique group. Her message will leave you wondering about your own life.


Personal consultations are available, also.


Don’t hesitate. Call today to schedule your next conference or event.

808 987-4473

JR Media group



Take advantage of this dynamic and entertaining storyteller. Give your event a memorable learning adventure.  

Be inspired.


Why? Why Not?!    


808 987-4473 (CST)



Venues that have enjoyed conversing with Jeanne:

schools, libraries, art centers, parks, senior centers, community/ethnic festivals, book stores, book fairs, conferences, non-profits, theatres, Writer’s groups, Earth Day events, Career Day, PTA Reading night, clubs


Practical message tailored for your company’s unique field/inspirational/entertaining/motivating/leave you wondering why? Why not?? 

Will your memorable encounter with this energetic, entertaining and inspiring storyteller change your perspective on life?  ABSOLUTELY                                                                                                                                                         Joseph/Chicago, IL


Great presentation, very inspiring-money isn't everything-it's about the experience! Looking forward to the memoir in November. I liked the 'conversation' idea rather than just a lecture.

Gina/Three Lakes

Jeanne provided us with the PERFECT program: thoroughly interesting, entertaining and inspirational! And educational!


The patrons loved the information provided as well as Grandma Jeanne's presentation.


 I enjoyed your talk very much. I liked the style of your presentation; it was very interesting and informative.


I really enjoyed your adventure & am very impressed at how brave you are to explore outside of your comfort zone. Your presentation was very informative & inspiring. Thank you.

Genoveria/Central Stickney

Very interesting! I enjoyed the combination of slides, videos and your explanation-well done!


Jeanne addressed the audience as if she were talking to friends. Her unique photographs made the story come alive. The Q & A proved enlightening. I enjoyed it very much and would love to hear of her travel stories.


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