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Antarctica, South Pacific, Alaska Wilderness, Jr. Iditarod, Mongolia, China, Siberia, Russia, Hawaii, New Zealand & Australia, Survivor Island and Life aboard the Trans-Siberian Railway

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Take advantage of this fun and unique learning resource. Not just for kids. Be inspired! Visit the web site/Follow her on Facebook & Twitter/Purchase books and study guides/ Hire Jeanne to speak.

Photo by Joseph P. Meier of the Sun-Times Media

In my travelogues I conduct for children, teens, and adults, I talk about my travels to distant lands, where I meet fascinating people and explore other cultures. Accomplished by daring to believe it was possible.


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In order to engage my audience fully, I use multi-media, interactive techniques, beginning with my children’s book series: Grandma Goes to…. These stories were written for children, educational for all ages, and an inspirational read for the whole family. They are visually stunning with 38 pages of color photographs. My books meet Federally Mandated Common Core Reading Standards for informational text; Kindergarten through 12th grade.


In my presentation I:


  • Utilize Q & A and discussion to promote audience interaction
  • Integrate technology (photo, video) to offer a varied learning experience
  • Introduce new vocabulary      
  • Compliment teachers’ curriculum for science, history, geography, life lessons
  • Make connections between text of story & visual & oral presentation
  • Engage kinesthetic learning with authentic artifacts and props 
  • Provide the opportunity to purchase autographed books directly from author


Please phone-(808) 987-4473 (CST) or email  jeanneroppolo@yahoo.com



Take advantage of this fun and unique learning resource. Be inspired! 

Hire Jeanne to speak with your group today.  

Not just for kids.

…Incredible! Amazing! Stupendous! Good Job!  Tyler/6th grade

 …thank you for taking your time to come and teach us about writing books. I love to read and enjoy books. Danys

 …thank you for taking a day off to tell us about your job. It was very fascinating that you’re an author speaker


          Grandma" was a great speaker. She had a wealth of knowledge, pictures, and props to share. I enjoyed the presentation myself! Very interesting! Thanks for arranging it!

Stephanie/teacher/Horizon Science Academy/Chicago, IL

  Ms. Roppolo’s visit to our school was highly educational and entertaining. Her unique experiences, photographs and stories coupled with great enthusiasm kept our students engaged throughout. As a teacher, I am both inspired and encouraged with her personal philosophy of “Why not?” What a great message to spread to the youth of today.

Drewe Davey/5th grade teacher/North Grove Elementary: Sycamore, IL

I think that you will find Grandma Roppolo vibrant and engaging and living proof that you are never too old to go off on an adventure!

Jeff Gerard/principal/Arbury Hills School: Mokena, IL

Grandma socially and emotionally connected with the students while also tying into our Core Curriculum. Students were being engaged visually, creating a thought provoking educational experience.

Dina Sweet/5th grade teacher/Lincoln Elementary: DeKalb, IL

Jeanne Roppolo’s visit to North Grove was excellent! She is a charismatic presenter and shares her enthusiasm with the audience. The students loved the presentation and actively asked questions so they could learn more about ‘Grandma’s’ adventures. It was a fantastic experience!

Megan Zamora/teacher/North Grove Elementary: Sycamore, IL

Author Jeanne Roppolo shared pictures, videos and interesting and funny stories. She faced her fears. It was really fun. We enjoyed learning.

Caleb, Pierce & Tom/4th graders who wrote in the school newsletter

Wow! Thank you so much for coming to our school! We really enjoyed your interesting, fun stories and seeing all the great videos and pictures!

Allysa Holder/4th grade teacher/Sycamore, IL

Thank you for coming to speak with the children about your adventures. The children found your information to be interesting and inspiring.  We all really enjoyed hearing your adventures.  Thank you again.  Sincerely,

Mrs. Linda Delegatto/teacher/ Mokena, IL

 …thanks for coming! I can’t believe you actually used a snow machine to climb an active volcano. I wish I could go in a tube and look into the ocean ,that would be awesome.  Adam/3rd grade

 …your presentation was great! I loved when you showed me the book. The part where you split your eye was sad. I was sorry about it. You enspired me to become an artist when I grow up. Your fan, Tung

 …we thought it was really cool how you faced your fears and went into the tube under the ice.

…you’re a great host! …sorry for your eye…see you on earth day!  Maddie/3rd grade

 …you are amasing Grandma Roppolo.  Nadeen/3rd grader

 …we loved that Grandma was brave when she had to go up an active volcano her first time on a snowmobile in a white out.

…like you one day I will be a explorer like you…Love Kenyhatta

 …dear, Miss Jeanne Thank you for coming to share your adventure but why? Would you go to the coldest place on earth when you live in Hawaii! ‘Devyn

 …thak you. We haed fun. You are the best x Roppolo ever. Can we see you agen. I felt we were in Antarctica.

…thank you Ganma. It was a blast. I love you. You are the best. Sam

I loved halping you. It has enspired me and my brother to go on advenchers and wright are own books about them. Danerise