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Mahalo nui loa for your support, Jeanne 

The following is my actual letter sent to IBPA detailing the convoluted path which led to my being interviewed for a cable TV show.  This article was rewritten as if I was being interviewed and is not 100% accurate. The important thing to remember is that a page and a half of a national publishing print magazine is devoted to JR Media, my books and speaking engagements. Always look for that rainbow.

At the bottom of this letter is a link to my CAN-TV interview. What I wish to share with others through my convoluted story is this: you never know What leads to What and sometimes that What takes a while to pan out…let me explain.

This story begins with my grandson’s second grade teacher mailing Flat Stanley (paper doll from a children’s book) to me while I was deployed at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. After my return to the Real World, this teacher recruited me to tell of my adventures to her class. We became friends as I metamorphosed into an inspirational speaker.

Then, my friend- award-winning author Linda Collison- suggested that I write a children’s book about these same adventures. When the teacher heard about my first book: Grandma Goes to Antarctica: A Journey of Discovery, she suggested that I volunteer for the annual 2-day Young Author’s Conference held in Normal, IL. While listening to the panel of new and established adult authors I began to formulate my speech as someday I hoped to be invited back, not as a volunteer, but as an author.

For the next year, this idea was in the back of my mind as to how I would conduct MY little workshop. In that year I continued with my speaking engagements and writing new Grandma Goes to…adventures.

Then, one day, I happened to be on the phone with one of the Senior Centers where they host many of my Speaking Engagements. Knowing the Center is home to a Creative Writer’s Group, I asked [This is the important word: ASKED] the receptionist to forward my contact information to the leader of their Writer’s Group. My thought process was: through this group I could practice my workshop and get some feedback.

Well, wouldn’t you know it, the co-leader of the group was standing next to the phone and took my call right then. I explained that I was a new author and wished to share my unusual story of HOW I became an author. His response was warm and friendly: “Come to our meeting on Friday and share.” This conversation took place on Wednesday. And I had deadlines for projects that needed to be complete before I could put my year-long thoughts to paper. It wasn’t until Friday morning that I was able to write out my ‘workshop’.

Having never attended a Creative Writer’s Group I had no idea what to expect. As the group went around the table sharing their short stories my mind was racing. Most of my workshop did not apply to this group. In my head I began to delete section after section until I was left with my 5 minute dramatic (I consider myself more a storyteller than author) episode of sharing my first draft with a good friend.

As I acted out the scene where this friend flung my manuscript back across the table to me; I could see the Creative Writer’s Group eyes go wide in shock and their mouths drop open. After completing that short tale the woman directly across from me said: “don’t leave-I have to get my husband. He needs to hear this story.” And she walks out.

At this point, I realize the group’s main purpose is to socialize and have lunch together. So I am left to wonder if this woman, who seemed to enjoy my story, was in fact coming back. In my mind, I began to rearrange my afternoon. Forget all those errands scheduled for the ride home. I decided (choices, another good word) to stay and let the day play out. If she never returned (a real possibility) it was still a good practice session and my learning curve steep. But this woman DID return with her husband. She then proceeded to give me a 2-page list of people she thinks I should contact; people who might help me in my journey as a new author. She listed places where I could give my talks. In our conversation she mentioned that she and her husband have a cable tv channel and would like to schedule me for a future interview.

I did contact her list, which led to new friends and more speaking engagements. Those talks led to even more speaking engagements and more new friends. What I find fascinating on the journey to that goal, is the convoluted way things come to pass and all the new friends one encounters. One never knows What will lead to What. Be open to life’s possibilities.

My SURREAL life continues…

Do you have a dream?  Do you need a little positive reinforcement?

Do you yearn to jump out of your comfort zone?  Need to face your fears?

Are you bored with your present situation?  In a rut?  Want to believe? 

Want to open your mind to the possibilities of what could be?

Through my books, artifacts, props and lively audience discussion, I tell the captivating tale of how I, as a traditional young wife and mother, without money or a college degree, was placed onto a strange and unforeseen path.


That long, winding road, with its twists and turns, detours and stops, led me, at age 57, to Antarctica. Discover how that work experience led me to you.


Through the telling of my unconventional story may you see the opportunities and transformative experiences that may be hidden in your everyday life.




 Stops on my journey through life:  Alaska, Antarctica, Australia, China, Hawaii, Jamaica, Mongolia, Russia, Siberia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands of Hao, Kamaka, Moorea, Tahiti, and Mangareva.

JR Media Group, LLC

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Dear Corporate World/ Religious Retreats/ Women’s Groups and Gatherings of all kinds…


Ever hear of the book and movie titled: Eat, Pray, Love? Jeanne’s Motivational Speaking Events are NOT that story. She may have lacked the funds and education but still managed to transform her life beginning at age 56.


This enthusiastic storyteller will entertain, educate, and inspire you with her contagious energy.


Jeanne tailors each of her Motivational Speaking Events for YOUR unique group. Her message will leave you wondering about your own life.


Personal consultations are available, also.


Don’t hesitate. Call today to schedule your next conference or event.

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Take advantage of this dynamic and entertaining storyteller. Give your event a memorable learning adventure.  

Be inspired.


Why? Why Not?!    


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schools, libraries, art centers, parks, senior centers, community/ethnic festivals, book stores, book fairs, conferences, non-profits, theatres, Writer’s groups, Earth Day events, Career Day, PTA Reading night, clubs


Practical message tailored for your company’s unique field/inspirational/entertaining/motivating/leave you wondering why? Why not?? 

Will your memorable encounter with this energetic, entertaining and inspiring storyteller change your perspective on life?  ABSOLUTELY                                                                                                                                                         Joseph/Chicago, IL


Great presentation, very inspiring-money isn't everything-it's about the experience! Looking forward to the memoir in November. I liked the 'conversation' idea rather than just a lecture.

Gina/Three Lakes

Jeanne provided us with the PERFECT program: thoroughly interesting, entertaining and inspirational! And educational!


The patrons loved the information provided as well as Grandma Jeanne's presentation.


 I enjoyed your talk very much. I liked the style of your presentation; it was very interesting and informative.


I really enjoyed your adventure & am very impressed at how brave you are to explore outside of your comfort zone. Your presentation was very informative & inspiring. Thank you.

Genoveria/Central Stickney

Very interesting! I enjoyed the combination of slides, videos and your explanation-well done!


Jeanne addressed the audience as if she were talking to friends. Her unique photographs made the story come alive. The Q & A proved enlightening. I enjoyed it very much and would love to hear of her travel stories.


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