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Surreal: Reflections on Ice


SURREAL: Reflections on Ice
An Epiphany of Understanding


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ISBN:  978-0-9883266-3-7    LOC: 2014912281

The true story of a 57 year old grandmother who reclaims her soul and passion for life while experiencing the bizarre culture and exotic adventures of living and working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Everything you are about to read is true and based on my journal entries while I was living and working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. 

There are 11 Universal Movie themes:

Love, success, Cinderella, triangle, return, vengeance, conversion, sacrifice, family, jeopardy, forbidden. Surreal has every theme but one. Can you guess?

SURREAL has 300 pages with 62 photographs

"Surreal" is based on the personal reflections of a broken soul who finds restoration in the isolation of Antarctica.  The power of friendship is affirmed as she illustrates how others have profoundly impacted her life.  An inspiring testimony of living life to the fullest and accepting challenges so that trials become triumphs.
~Stacey Orr/Librarian/Three Lakes, WI

Grab a blanket and be prepared to be transported to the Antarctic. This is a wonderfully descriptive and uplifting story of life at the bottom of the world. Ms. Roppolo shows us that living life to its fullest can begin at any age.
~Donna Dohnalek/Librarian/Chicago, IL

Reads like a no-holds-barred, intimate account: sometimes personal, sometimes adventurous, ALWAYS entertaining.
~Vic Blakemore/Law Clerk/Chicago, IL

BEAUTIFULLY TOLD!  At times, I laughed out loud and other parts made me feel very emotional and teary-eyed. PLENTY of PASSION and DRAMA
~Linda Collison/Author/Steamboat, CO

Jeanne’s energy bounds out from every page! I felt like I was sitting right next to her, listening to her excitement, adventures, doubts and ultimate triumphs on a trip away from her comfort zone.
~Vicki Beaver/Photographer/Claremont, NH

Worthwhile reading for anyone curious about one ordinary woman’s extraordinary merging of her inner and outer worlds and might spark epiphanies of your own.
~Leilani Hino/Scribe/Honokaa, Hawaii

I was mentally cheering on Ms. Roppolo as she was making a self-transformation. She is a role model for others that are looking for inner strength to make life more meaningful.
~Jody Diehl/Teacher/Mokena, IL