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An American Version of Swedish Death Cleaning

by Jeanne Roppolo

The idea behind Death Cleaning is to eliminate unnecessary things & to get your home in order as you become older.

~Margareta Magnusson

Using real-life examples and personal photographs, Intentional Living Coach Jeanne Roppolo demonstrates her unique perspective on the gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning.

When you rid yourself of clutter; body, mind, and spirit, you allow postive experiences to flow into this vacated space.

Table of Contents Include:
Necessary Tasks
Send Me Flowers Now
Needs vs Wants
A Gift for your Family
Keep your Sense of Humor
Let go of your Emotional Baggage
Pass Down the Valuables
Share your Traditions
Finding your Zen
LIVE until you die

Are you looking for a practical, easy-to-understand, inexpensive quick read?
BUT you want/need real-life and relatable, simple ideas? Then An American Version of Swedish Death Cleaning is for you.
This topic is about something we ALL will face, sooner or later, so why not be prepared? I like the numerous quotes that dovetail with her real-life experiencess. My favorite story is about Cousin Rick's picture book that is so simple it is brilliant. This book and her Death Cleaning Talk is sure to stimulate your own unique ideas. Both are all about things we should be doing but don't. Jeanne's way makes it fun and doable. I also like the party and flower suggestions.
Don Doty, electrician Ottawa, IL

It was a great talk. Great thought starter as I begin to downsize. I love the idea of making space for new adventures. Nadine Peterson

Love the larger print. Your gift is really in speaking, people love your positive upbeat attitude... Cece Parker

Just finished your new book. Great job! Very inspirational. A lifetime of quotes and sayings and poems put together into a nice package. Once again- good job and much success. TY. Only downside is I got a lot of work to do. Life is a work in progress.
Larry Roppolo, musician, Hawaii

You truly have created a complete and effective work people are going to enjoy experiencing. I believe a good percentage will take some type of action based on their having connected with you and your information. Loved the bookends, interlaced idea, story, photo. Do something (anything) now.
Kate, California

~At first, depressed with the thought
~Amazed at the amount of advice
~Everyone needs to read
~Common sense
~So positive
~I never thought about this- need to start on my apartment
~Liked the stories that illustrate her points
~So much information & personal insight
~Perfect amount of wit & humor
~A complete & effective work people are going to enjoy
~I believe a good percentage will take some type of action
~Love that you started at the end & finished with living life

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Books go out into the world, travel mysteriously from hand to hand, and somehow find their way to the people who need them at the time when they need them...cosmic forces guide such passings along.
~Og Mandino

An American Version of Swedish Death Cleaning