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About Jeanne Roppolo: 

Author, Story-teller (raconteur), Motivational Speaker

For the last 20 years, Jeanne has been abroad, out of state, and back in the Midwest.


Because of her unique outlook on life, this Chicago-born mother and grandmother has been a movie extra for Kevin Costner’s  Waterworld, volunteer firefighter, clothing model for Sears, exchange student mother, founding member and board member of Waimea Main Street, creator and manager of a Hawaiian Bed & Breakfast, PTA president and committee member, laborer for Habitat for Humanity, serial entrepreneur, Park District director, member of the Iditarod Trail Committee, Inc., contract worker for the National Science Foundation, and now as author and motivational speaker.

Jeanne continues to relish life’s treasured moments as she travels to distant lands, encounters new friends, and explores other cultures.

Jeanne Roppolo was one of only 40 authors invited to showcase her Grandma Goes to… series at the 2014 Illinois Library Association Annual Conference in Springfield, IL.  

In addition to promoting her cultural series; author, storyteller, and motivational speaker Jeanne was interviewed by Terrence J. Martin, Executive Director for Illinois Channel TV.