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Telephone Topic Talks
Dear Event Coordinators,
During this pandemic, with social distancing, I know it is not possible to conduct business as usual. As an alternative, I would like to offer to you and your patrons my Telephone Topic Talks.
In addition to my in-house programs that your patrons have enjoyed in the past, I have been conducting telephone conference calls for over five years. My more popular topics include:
Are you a Bibliomaniac? / Celebrate Life's Little Wonders / Heroes in Real Life / Holiday Hints / Outrageous Women in History / Words of Wisdom +++
Whether you wish to offer this service weekly or monthly, please do not hesitate to call for more information and to schedule an event. 808 987-4473
Jeanne's Speaking Events

                     River Forest Library
735 Lathrop Ave. River  Forest, IL 60305
Grandma Goes to Antarctica
Sat., May 11, 2024 at 2pm

Arlington Heights Senior Center
1801 W. Central Rd.  Arlington Heights, IL 60005
Cultural Diversity
June 1, 2024

Elmhurst Library
125 S. Prospect Ave.  Elmhurst, IL 60126
An American Version of Swedish Death Cleaning
Sept.30, 2024

Finding Bliss in a Chaotic World
Achieving Zen or Strategies for Acquiring Calm in the Storm of Everyday Life
Jeanne Roppolo gave a delightful, interactive presentation for her new book Finding Bliss in a Chaotic World at the Starved Rock Country Welcome Center. She brought her life experiences, presenting them as they were unfolding and leading her into her future. In animated fashion...including her attire...she drew you in and we all became part of it. If we sat too quiet, she would pull another question out to challenge us with. She wanted us to reflect on our journey alongside hers.
I read the book and found its simplicity with an easy-to-read style, brought a way to easily see myself in it. You won't want to put it down. It was refreshing to have someone be so transparent with their life journey that it became an enjoyable book. I would say that as you read it you might come to moments when you think...I thought that way...or I wish I would have thought that way...then maybe my life could be different.
Debbie Krizel, Welcome Center Manager

too many to list but a few of the most popular

Ancient Aliens: Are we alone in the universe? [series]

Brain Health: How to keep your brain healthy & happy. [series]

The Value of Friends: Friends are the family we choose.

Men in History: Awesome men that you have probably never heard of. [series]

Outrageous Women: Why are these women not in our history books? [series]

Christmas Around the World: Learn how other celebrate this religious holiday.

GAME TIME with Jeanne

Join us for some fun on the phone!
Test your knowledge or learn a thing or two

in these brain-teasing sessions.

At time listed for the program, dial in from any phone...and enjoy.
All calls are FREE!


Playing games gives you higher intelligence, ability to problem solve, and creates new pathways-which means less dementia. Plus they are fun!

Acronym Game: Join us in a fast & fun game of definitions, abbreviations, & acronyms. I describe. Who will be the first to guess what it is that I am describing?

Christmas Trivia: Think you know everything there is to know about this holiday? Let's test your knowledge.

Citizens Band Radio Communications: Ever wonder what truckers are really saying on their CB radios? Can you figure out their lingo? Test your skills & have fun with new meaning to old words.

Dictionary: The object of this game is to figure out the word by listening to its definition. Based on that definition, audience members need to guess what the word is.

Everyday Knowledge: Use schooling from everyday life to match wits with the other players. Categories include: our world, science, nature, sports, media & fame.

Globetrotting Brianiac: Historical facts & fun trivia from around the world. How much do you know?

Incredible but true? An astonding collection of extraordinary people, unique structures, exotic plants, unusual animals & unbelievable events in history. Interesting yes, but are they true??

Movie Trivia:

Version 1: Great lines from great movies. Match the phrase to the movie.

Version 2: Can you guess the right movie title? I read the year it debuted, who the star actors were, who directed the feature & a short synopsis. you name the movie.

Name Game: Guess the meaning behind female/male names.

Password: Let's play a game similar to this old favorite.

Presidents: I will read about the various presidents & you need to guess which Leader I am talking about.

Recall: Fill in the missing word. Another fast-paced memory game.

Reminiscing as a Baby Boomer: Take a walk down memory lane. Join in the fun as we recall moments from the 50s to the 90s. Be the first to answer questions correctly pertaining to history, movies, TV shows, games, books, and fashion.

Space: How well do you know our universe? I give hints, you guess the item.

Tension: Who or what am I? I describe, you guess.

This That & Everything: In this rapid-fire game, Jeanne will give hints to a wide variety of famous people, things, & places for her audience to guess correctly..Oh, did I mention 30 seconds?

Urban Myths: Truth can be as strange as fiction & fiction can sound like truth. This game will test your pop-culture savvy. Is it true or false? Test your knowledge in the areas of crime, classics, nature, celebrities, health & business.

Landmarks of the United States: Can you answer questions regarding the various states of America? It's ok to have a map handy.

Unseless Information: Or is it? Impress others at the next trivia match or cocktail party. Expand your knowledge & have some fun. A discussion of unusual real-life truths.

 Who Said That?: I will read a quote & give 3 possible authors. Audience members guess the correct author.

Where on Earth?: I describe, you guess the location on Planet Earth.

Word Sleuthing: Can you guess the origins of our everyday words?