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Jeanne's books detailing her many adventures can be purchased online or at her Speaking Engagements, unless otherwise noted.
Grandma Goes to...
The "Grandma Goes to..." series chronicles Jeanne's many voyages for younger readers.

Grandma Goes to: Antarctica, the South Pacific, the Alaskan Wilderness, New Zealand and Austrailia, China, Mongolia, Siberia, and Russia. + The Jr. Iditarod
Surreal: Reflections on Ice

The true story of a 57 year old grandmother who reclaims her soul and passion for life while experiencing the bizarre culture and exotic adventures of living and working at McMurdo Station, Antarctica.

Everything you are about to read is true and based on my journal entries. Learn what daily life is really like at the bottom of our world.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

Discover the ultimate in train travel! Accompany Jeanne Roppolo, raconteur and photo journalist on a grand Road Scholar adventure as she rides the rails 5,000 miles through China, Mongolia, Siberia, and Russia.

An American Version of Swedish Death Cleaning

Using real-life examples and personal photographs, Intentional Living Coach Jeanne Roppolo demonstrates her unique perspective on the gentle art of Swedish Death Cleaning. When you rid yourself of clutter-body, mind, and spirit-you allow positive experiences to flow into this vacated space.

Finding Bliss in a Chaotic World; Achieving Zen or Strategies for Acquiring Calm in the Storm of Everyday Life
Need a time-out from your busy, chaotic life? Are you stressed to the max? Want to recharge your batteries? Join us for a discussion on simple, helpful ways to rekindle the light in your heart.

"In her latest book Finding Bliss in a Chaotic World, Jeanne Roppolo encourages us to reconnect with family, friends & the world Around us setting aside our phones, TV, facebook, etc. Pick up your copy & read about reconnecting to begin to live life more fully. " Kathy Tubbs, retired

Jeanne's heart is to help us all. There is something to stir and encourage if you want to wake up and shake off the humdrum...enjoy.
Miss Cookie [Albright], friend & sister in the journey

I read your book & loved it. You are an inspiration with all your ideas, adventures, and common sense reminders of who we are & what we are all about. Your love of people is what the world needs right now. Please keep up the good work.  
Rick Tata, President Tata Enterprises; Musician, Composer

First & foremost, Jeanne seems absolutely AMAZING. So much experience under her belt...I got some good laughs and able to relate. Not only that, there is so much I am in awe about because it makes me think about things/what I need and should do. Message received /Mission accomplished!!! Just had to share  Kari, Manager of Adult Day Care Program

SURREAL Book ll: From Antarctica to the Real World-Now What?
Coming 2023

Grandma Goes to Hawaii; And Stays for 14 Years

Grandma Jeanne fondly recalls her family saga of relocating from the only neighborhood they have known to an island where they know no one, do not have jobs, and the teenagers are not yet enrolled in school. Why? Why not?
(a work in progress/ new format 120 pages w over 85 color photographs)

COMING winter 2022!